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I love transforming lives through food and wellness. Here is feedback from my happy clients.

"Things I Loved about working with Lexie:

Your kindness and humour

Your keto expertise, which is like gold dust - the lived experience is really valuable

Your recipes are delicious and so easy.

"How you champion my achievement.

The fast change in my body and mental health, first time ever in my life.



"My improvement of mental health

My energy levels

The skin - it’s so clear and bright.

The waking up in the morning and feeling ready for the day - not sluggish or heavy

The waking up in the morning and thinking I want to do my exercise because I know it will be

put me on top form"

LISA, 46

I had been suffering with IBS, weight fluctuation, joint pain for years. I’d seen a number of specialists and dieticians and nothing was helping. A weeks into working with Lexie, I noticed that I wasn’t as bloated and the symptoms of IBS were improving.

I’m no cook but the meal plan and recipes are so easy to follow and are absolutely delicious!

I am normally quite a closed book but Lexie made me feel comfortable and secure which enabled me to really open up. It was emotional but it got to the root of how years of digestive health issues has really made me feel! It was as if years of tension were lifted! 😊

Im so much happier mentally and physically!

Lexie is kind and thoughtful. She is very knowledgeable and is on call whenever you need her. She was able to relate to my issues and offer a great deal of guidance and support!

Lexie made me feel comfortable in myself and enabled me to open up about how I’m really feeling about my problems.


Thanks for everything Lexie, you go above and beyond to help everyone with Gut problems.  Your coaching really works, and I am eternally grateful for your ongoing support, and help. Xxx


I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for showing me keto.


Before I started on our journey, I was very low.  Since having my daughter I had struggled with really bad IBS, and just couldn't lose weight, I had no body confidence.


I have loved your meal plan. I now look forward to eating again, plus it’s food I didn’t think I could eat and still lose weight. I can't believe I have lost 1/2 stone in 4 weeks.

LISA, 46

"Thanks to our weekly meetings I felt confident with keto and was able to lose my baby weight, but most of all I have a better tummy, and feel better about myself.


I have more energy for my daughter, and feel a lot more confident.


Thank you for all your hard work and support, you are a friend for life."


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