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I originally studied drama with hopes and dreams of being an actress but then I fell into radio and journalism and the airwaves had me under it’s spell until I had my children.

I’ve cooked with my Mum since I could walk (she’s my best friend and my inspiration) so food has always been so important to me, in our family it was one (but not all) of the ways to be loved and nurtured as my sweet Mummy made everything from scratch and always incorporated veg and salad into our meals, and my grandmother used to make THE BEST pastry in Oxfordshire.

I discovered keto 6 years ago after becoming quite literally sick and tired of bad gut health, I thought I was doing everything right with regards to my IBS but the more I researched and read (I’m a bookworm and a bio science geek) the more I realised just how wrong for me most of the mainstream gut health advice was. Then the more I read about keto the faster the penny dropped that what my bodied needed was the biggest physiological shift possible, because tackling gut health is like trying to treat an Octopus, it has many legs, so think of gut health as the octopus legs, keto has an almighty impact on all of those legs as opposed to many methods out there where they just treat one or two of the Octopus legs… are you still with me? Therefore if you don’t treat the body as a whole, you will potentially never get the relief and complete health that you so desire and deserve.

Over these past few years I’ve had so much fun creating my own keto recipes and methods with life transforming results for my health, but with all things transformative I feel we have an obligation to pass information on for the good of others, which is where I am today, helping ladies to take the plunge into a new way of life for the rest of their life. To be free from the pain and discomfort that comes from bad gut, weight fluctuation and low self esteem.


Interview with Timeless Cookery, 19 Aug 2021

Interview on the UK Low Carb Podcast, 19 Aug 2021

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